Thursday, October 17, 2013

Character Development

This is my character page for the raven character
he is a little boy who is thrown into this adventure and must gain new abilities in order to retrieve the light of the universe.

 This is the great eagle. There is so much more I want to add/ change with this one to help show the Northwest coast Native American spirituality in it.

This is just to show size comparisons of each character.
This is a scene when my character, the raven, comes up to a waterfall and inside of the waterfall is another part of light he must collect to bring back light to the world. Legend says that many years ago it was stolen by the great eagle and there was a fight between the raven and the great eagle. Unfortunately raven lost and eagle was able to steal light away. A longtime after this story has happened raven has been reincarnated with the humans to finish what happened those many years ago.
This is a continuation of my project for my BFA class. Designing and creating your own indie game based off of the prompt you are given. I was given the Northwest coast Native American legend, Raven Stole the Sun.

This is the logo I designed for it. Sagalie in Chinook means of the spirit world. That is the feeling I wanted the player to get while playing and discovering the world I created.

(there is a problem right now that I am trying to fix with this photo of the logo. When it is enlarged the red detail in the middle of the words becomes blurry. All of the lines are supposed to be crisp. I am fixing this, this is a temporary stand in for now,)